Welcome to OpenFAD

If you have logged in for the first time, you have just created an User account that is controlled by you and should see the Participants Dashboard page.

This help section describes the rest of the registration process and then leads to the next section of making a submission to the scoring server.

Depending on the evaluation type the Entity submitting results to the platform or for example handling dataset licenses can either be represented as:

  • a User (using your Email or User Profile Information)
  • a Site (a group of Users) or
  • a Team (a group of Sites)

As the registration process can differ between evaluations, a workflow card guides through the registration process. Please follow the steps in sequence as they appear green on the workflow card.

Dashboard Workflow picture

Some Evaluations require you to complete your User Profile in order to collect evaluation relevant information. If you do not see an entry in your workflow to update the user profile you can disregard this section.

To edit your User profile either visit the Workflow link or alternatively click on your email-address on the top right and select User Info. This will load the User Info Page:

  1. Press the Edit User Profile button on the right.
  2. On the profile page, please fill in your information for all fields.
  3. Press Submit

Site Ownership

The first step is to become a member of a Site. This can be for example your Laboratory-, Faculty- or a Company-name. Becoming a member of a Site can be done by either creating a new Site or joining an existing Site created by your Site-Lead. If you wish to represent your Site please create it. You will become the owner of the Site. To do so follow the Create/Join a Site link in the Workflow which will take you to the Site Management page:

Site creation/Site Join workflow picture.

Site Management Page

Please click the Create New Site button to the right on the Site Management card.

Site creation/Site Join workflow picture.

New Site Page

On the Site creation page please provide the site name, description and password (your site password, which will allow collaborators to join your site in order to make a submission). Please provide at least 6 characters for the password. After reviewing your information click the Create Site button to create the Site.

Site creation/Site join workflow picture.

Join Site Page

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After creating a Site, follow the same procedure to create a Team.

After a Team has been successfully created, the Platform will subscribe that team to all the current evaluation Tracks, as well as automatically create License Agreements. Please review the agreements by either following the Review and Accept License Agreement(s) link in the Workflow Panel, or by clicking on your team license links under the License Agreements card:

Workflow license review step picture.

Please download any relevant license agreement or evaluation plan, review it and then click ‘Review’ to enter the license review card:

Workflow license review picture.

In order to accept the license please click the CHECKBOX and then press the ‘Update License Agreement’ button:

Agree license picture.

Once the license have been acknowledged, you will be able to access the dataset instruction card with download information (and decryption keys if applicable). See next section.

Your system submissions are tied to a specific Task. A task can be composed of multiple Phases, for example a Dryrun phase and a Main Evaluation Phase, or an evaluation with multiple staged Checkpoints. In order to make a submission any Entity must be registered to at least one Task. This registration process can be done either automatically as per Evaluation setup or might have to be performed manually.

To register to a new track: Click on the Register for a Track button on the workflow card to get to the registration page:

Track registration picture.

On the Registration Page, select the respective Entity - Track combination and click Create entity system participation button to finish the registration.

Track registration page.

This process might have to be repeated until all respective Tasks you wish to participate in on behalf of the Entity have been subscribed to.

After completing the license agreement, credentials and instructions to access the data will be available by clicking the links on the Datasets section of the web site.