Selecting Tasks

When selecting a Task from the Submission Management card on the Participants Dashboard, please note that Tasks are grouped by Entities which have previously registered to them (Team in this example).

If you are part of a single Team you should see only one Teamname above the Tasklist. Otherwise there will be more options to select tasks from.

Select a respective Task for your Team to get to the Submission Management page.

Select System participation slow for submission.

Creating a System

In order to make a submission you will need to create at least one System, unless a System has already been created. Number of allowed system as well as System parameters might vary accoring to the rules of the Evaluation plan.

1.) To create a system, press the Create new System button on the top right and you will be redirected to the New System page.
Create System.

2.) On the New System page, enter a System Name and set respective system parameters if available.

3.) Review your selection and press the Submit button.
New System Page.

Creating a Submission

On the submission management page you will notice a matrix-like structue with rows representing Sytems and columns representing Evaluation Phases. Each row X column intersection can host a Submission (or a set thereof).

A Submission represents your system output in form of a file or URL considered to be scored, validated or evaluated. One or multiple Scoring Runs are created per Submission automatically.

To create a new submission:

1.) Press the Upload button in the appropriate System X Phase slot to load the New Submission page.
Submission Management Page.

2.) Select your Submission Parameters if available. Sometimes parameters are visibile but not modifyable by you.

3.) Depending on the type of Submission either:
  1. Select the Browse button to upload a File
  2. Enter a valid URL of your Submission to download including download parameters
New Submission.

4.) Review your submission Parameters and the press the Submit button.
Upload submission.
After pressing the Submit button your file will be uploaded and you will be redirected to the Submission Management page. A green/red top bar will report if the file-upload was sucessful.

Submission Status

For each submission the platform generates scoring runs. A scoring run represents the scorer output with specific parameters against a submission. There can be multiple scoring-runs per submission depending on specific Phase setup. From the submission management page you can:

  • Access Submission information
  • Inspect Scoring Run status
  • Access Scoring Run results
  • Make new submissions
Check Submission

To view submission information, for example the original submission filename, time of submission and email of uploader, simply click on the View Submission button. The number behind the submission represents a unique submission-id which you can use if you want to refer to a specific submission.

Accessing Results

To access scoring run results, click on the Scoring Run Status button.

The content of the button represents the scoring run status and will change over time from: Submitted, to custom messages indicating various steps of the backend scoring pipeline, to Failed, Done/Successful or in most cases a label representing the scoring run results, f.e. a Metric score. The content varies for each Evaluation phase respectively.

Clicking on the button will load the Scoring Run Report page. The content of the page varies throught Evaluations:

The page might be empty in case no results are being shared

Or contain a single metric score:

Scoring run results page.

Or a more complex report

Scoring run results page 2.